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Award-Winning & Famous - Womanizer

The Womanizer clitoral suction toy has given many women the Orgasm they had never experienced before!

The Womanizer Premium now with autopilot and smart silence. In the autopilot mode, the user can just lie back and enjoy the Womanizer while the stimulation and the intensity randomly varies between the stimulation patterns. The autopilot has 3 different levels. The smart silence function means that the Womanizer only turns itself on when it almost comes in contact with the skin. If the user puts it to one side, then it turns itself off straight away and only turns itself back on again when it comes in contact with skin again.

The 12 intensity levels are a lot more different than before. The first level is softer than it is on the W500 and the highest level is more intense than it is on the W500.

The Womanizer Premium is available in 3 awesome colorways.

Award-Winning & Famous - Womanizer

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