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International Shipping


A. Transit Time

Parcels dispatched by us will generally clear Singapore Customs and depart from Singapore within a few days.

Please be advised, however, that parcels bound for overseas destinations are likely to face delays owing to the current strict Customs clearance in many countries. With the evolving situation, and swiftly changing Customs regulations, delays can be expected (including Speedpost Priority/FedEx/DHL).

In some cases, it might take up to 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive via air freight - in certain jurisdictions, Customs are getting stricter, a factor over which we have absolutely no control (including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia).


B. International Shipping Zones

Over the last 23 years that we have been in business, we have shipped orders to various countries on the Asian Continent, such as Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak), Brunei, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Of these, we ship frequently to Malaysia and Brunei in particular, as they are our closest neighbouring countries.  

We also had customers from other parts of the world; for instance, we’ve shipped to Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Pueto Rico, South Africa, as well as the USA, and other parts of Europe. This list is not exhaustive, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if your country was not mentioned.

To receive a quote on shipping rates to other countries and destinations, kindly email us at

Do also note that a minimum purchase amount of S$100.00 (excluding shipping cost) is required for us to process shipment to overseas destinations.


C. Item Restrictions

We will not be able to ship any fluid/liquid/cream/oil/lotion to any overseas destination, even in volumes below 100ml. As such, kindly refrain from purchasing lubricants/fluids/lotions/oils if you require international shipping.


D. Import Duties/Taxes/Levies/Fees

Note: Customers from Indonesia must provide a local Tax ID (NPWP).

International orders may be subjected to import duties/taxes/levies/fees that vary based on destination. We have no way of knowing beforehand if there are such border crossing duties/taxes/levies/fees, and therefore, cannot be liable for any duties/taxes/levies/fees imposed on you by your customs officials; nor will we offer refund/exchange/credit if the parcel is being detained/confiscated/seized in your country.

We seek your understanding in the matter, as we have no inside knowledge of how various Customs clearance processes work, and will therefore ship your parcel on the basis of "Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)".


E. Detainment/Confiscation/Seizure of Parcel

If your parcel is detained/confiscated/seized by your Customs, we will treat it as abandonment at destination and we cannot arrange for the parcel to be shipped back to us. There will be no refunds/returns/exchanges and no credit offered in such cases.

It is your duty to check the destination country’s import rules and regulations before making a purchase from us. Upon providing proof of shipping to the stated delivery address in your home country, we will be considered to have fulfilled the international order, and thus marks the end of our obligations. We will not be able to track the parcel or follow up on your order with the courier/freight forwarder/shipping agent.

Customers are responsible for all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which their order is shipped to. We will not be liable nor responsible for customers’ failure to comply with these laws. Note that we will not be able to provide a translation of shipping documents and product information into your local languages for the purpose of clearing Customs.

Please do not order if you have not done your due diligence for Customs clearance in your home country with regard to adult pleasure products. From what we know, Customs in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines have stepped up their random checks on parcels, and may seize or confiscate such adult pleasure products, with or without their original packaging.

We are not liable for any taxes, levies, duties, extra charges or surcharges, confiscations, seizures, which are imposed or applied by virtue of the laws and regulations of your country.


F. Failed Delivery Attempts

In the event that the recipient is:

  • Not contactable;
  • No longer residing at the delivery address provided; or
  • If the incorrect address has been provided

Our shipping agent at destination will abandon the parcel after a reasonable period of time has elapsed (usually 2 to 4 weeks). In such cases, no refunds/returns/credit will be issued.


G. Non-Receipt

For postal services (e.g. SingPost/Speedpost), once your parcel has been posted, by proof of tracking number, or when it is shown to have arrived at its destination, we will not be liable for any missing parcel or undelivered parcel at destination. No refund/return/credit will be issued.


H. Repackaging

For countries with strict import laws on adult sex toys, we will re-pack all international shipments discreetly by removing original packaging with images showing bodily parts or genitalsrest assured that we will notdeclare the products as adult-oriented items.

We will do our best to minimize (but do note that we cannot realistically eliminate) the risk of the parcel being detained/confiscated/seized by your Customs. Random Customs checks are beyond our control.

When a purchase is made and transacted at our store, we assume that the customer has read, understood, given unambiguous consent, and agreed to all of the above terms and conditions.

Thank you very much!